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General Cable presents a catalogue of high and extra-high voltage cables of up to 500 kV


General Cable, a world leader in the cable sector, has recently issued a catalogue of high and extra-high voltage cables of up to 500 kV. The catalogue, which is published in English and includes 56 full-colour pages, abundantly illustrated with graphics and photos, is an extremely useful tool for electrical sector professionals and provides the know-how necessary to make calculations and establish dimensions in these cable types. There are, moreover, very few cable manufacturers whose ranges include systems of extra-high voltage cables with a maximum voltage of 550 kV.

Silec brand underground electricity transmission cables, a General Cable brand for high and extra-high voltage products, have been used and acknowledged in the global electric utility market for almost half a century. With unrivalled expertise and turnkey project management, General Cable provides the innovation, quality and service necessary to transmit power reliably and cost-effectively from production sites to consumption areas and from one national grid to another.

With Silec solid-dielectric extruded high and extra-high voltage (HV/EHV) cable systems, General Cable provides its customers with top-quality cable systems that offer maximum flexibility and service life based on:

· Decades of experience in underground solid dielectric cable systems

· Comprehensive line of high and extra-high voltage cables and accessories

· Total project management from planning and installation to testing and commissioning

· Optimised management to ensure projects are on time and do not run over budget

· Proven reliability, low maintenance and long-term performance

· Complete post-project maintenance and support services

The Silec brand has been a pioneer in extruded solid dielectric insulated cable systems solutions for nearly fifty years. General Cable offers a fully integrated approach to provide a comprehensive range of high and extra-high voltage cable systems. They are designed and manufactured to ensure top service performance and a long service life while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Silec high voltage and extra-high voltage underground transmission cables and accessories are reliable, environmentally sound and have been designed to meet the needs of current and future electricity transmission systems. They also exceed the requirements of our customers’ technical specifications and meet international standards such as IEC 60840, IEC 62067, ICEAS-108-720 and AEIC CS9.

Significant in-house testing includes:

· Qualification testing for cable systems with a maximum voltage of 550 kV

· Capacity testing for voltages of up to 700 kV

·  Partial discharge (PD) testing to <1 pC

The catalogue also features recommendations on how to calculate cable transmission capacity and information on different types of associated installation, accessories and services. It also provides a list of all General Cable’s production centres and headquarters worldwide and their contact details.


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